Tuesday, September 16, 2014

LSU Late Black......breaking news

I am happy to report the following breaking news that you will not find anywhere else....... 

LSU Late Black is a very productive mid to late season black fig.  It is a large black fig with red pulp.  It has a taste that is very variable......from good to excellent.  Like most large figs it can handle only light rains.  Once an LSU Late Black fig begins to color, it is rather slow to fully ripen.  That slow ripening is not a good growing characteristic for a fig growing in my climate. FAST RIPENING figs  are much more perferable.   ( Note.....Fast ripening once it begins to color is what I am now describing and not EARLY ripening......fasts ripe and early ripe are two entirely different growing characteristics of a fig cultivar.)  You want a fast ripening fig in my area.  IMO, LSU Late Balck  would be at its best in the drier and hotter areas of the country.

FYI, my large tree was completely top killed this past winter because I left too many figs on the tree going into late fall last year.   That was done on purpose for research purposes. A new robust tree came up from the roots this spring.  Last week I ate two ripe figs from the new tree. So I can report that  LSU Late Black can produce a crop of figs from the new root growth following a complete winter top kill.

I will remove all unripe figs from that tree come October to keep it from getting top killed again this coming winter. Those figs that do not have time to ripen before winter arrives will drain too much energy reserves from the tree.  That is but one of the variables that makes a fig tree vulnerable to winter damage.

Semper Ficus

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Persimmons are ripening in South La.

I got a chance to munch on a Fuyu persimmon while I was mowing the lawn today. Mmmmmmm good. I ate it skin and all as I would eat an apple. Fuyu is a non-astringent persimmon that can be eaten either hard or soft. They are good both ways. It was my second one of this season. Tananashis are also ripening in my yard. Those are astringent and can only be eaten when they become soft.  Saruga and Hachiya will be ripening next. My favorite of all is Sajo which will not ripen until another month or two.

Saijo persimmons are to die for good!!!!!  It is in a class all on its own.  Its interior turns into a "liquid" (not pulpy at all)  golden nectar which is a food of the gods.  Saijo is Japanese for "the very best."  And that my friends is what it is.....the very best. I purchased two more Saijo trees and will be planting them in in the next few weeks.

Get yourself one of those too if you want to taste a bit of heaven each fall.......

Mid to Late Season figs........

As I was cutting around my fig trees, I was able to eat the following mid to late season figs:  LSU Late Black, Strawberry, Unknown Green Greek, JH Adriatic, Smith, Giant Celeste, and LSU Improved Celeste. 

The Giant Celeste was very good.  Its flavor improves each year. There is no doubt its mother was a Celeste fig  The Smith came from my second and smaller tree. Its mother was top killed by a winter fire.  The best tasting was the Improved Celeste which came from my smaller tree. My larger orignal IC tree was top killed by a grass fire last winter.

Semper fi-cus

Monday, September 8, 2014

New Fig Forum ... called "Bountiful Figs"

Hello folks,

This post is to make you my readers aware that a new Fig Forum has been formed on the Internet.  It is called "Bountiful Figs" and no it is not my fig forum.  You can read what is posted on their site. However, you must become a member in order to post.  Please consider joining this new fig forum if you enjoy reading about fig culture in America. Only through the ACTIVE support of many fig lovers will this new fig forum fully succeed. 

Here is a link to "Bountiful Figs". http://foodplace.info/Bountiful_Figs/

Warning:   Do not read any further if you are easily offended.

Should you continue to read on and do get offended, remember this. It is not always about YOU. I have been extremely offended by these named figs4fun and Garden Web jerks and will continue to expose them for who they are. There are some things that I will never forgive or forget and I don't care if YOU do not understand that......sometimes it is about me too.

It is my understanding that this new fig Forum has been formed because of the continued misbehavior of a few figs4fun members.  Figs4fun forum members are again pissed and leaving that forum because they have had enough of Jon Verdic's continued  bullshit in the way he administers his figs4fun forum and his Fig Foundation.  Like me, more and more forum members have felt a need to start looking for another new fig forum and/or an alternative format in which to discuss fig culture.  The figs4fun fig forum is NOT FUN ANY MORE for many forum members.  It sure is not fun to be under constant attack by certain loud mouthed jerks who hang out on there.  And it becomes intolerable when those attacks are fully sanctioned by the fig forum adminstrator....Jon Verdic. 

Some other new type of format where the fig forum moderator will not be so damn BIASED and completely irresponsible to continued forum abuse is needed. One with an administrator who will not allow certain vocal jerks to continue to attack other peaceful members over and over again. Enough of Jon Verdic's continued crap and his complete disrespect of some really good people who truly desire to present the viewpoint on fig culture in peace. 

FYI, I was harassed for six years on both figs4fun and Garden Web.  Six years is a lot of harassment folks!!!!   Think about that........six figging years!!   It was not in just a handful of posts. It was in many posts and it occured on two fig forums.  It occurred for years. That harassment was orchestrated by Gorgi (George) from New Jersey. Gorgi's vicious attacks came with the full approval of asshole Jon Verdic  Actual proof is documented in other posts on this Cajun Fig Blog and on the Garden Web fig Forum. Much is not documented in those threads on figs4fun because Jon Verdic would actually "selectively edit" the crap that Gorgi had written in those threads.  For those reasons, I WILL NEVER remove the things I have written about those two jerks on my own personal Cajun Fig Blog until they have publicly apologized to me.  No apology....no removal...not ever under any circumstances.  I am not holding my breath in waiting for their apology. 

Recognize this fact that you may not have considered........There is a HUGE difference between a fig "collector", a fig "grower", and a fig "researcher".   Each of those types are into figs for different reasons. I am a fig "researcher" and study fig cultivation in great detail. My findings are often at odds with fig collectors and their "beliefs". And boy do those fig collectors who dominate the fig forums get pissed at me for telling the truth. That's why I no longer post on either fig forum........I am plain incompatible with most fig collectors!!   I am incompatible with the fig forum format.....because forums are dominated by fig collectors who could care less about real data, science, and facts.  I am much more compatible with "Blogging" about fig culture because I do not have to put up with that constant sniping from those collectors who are only interested in aquiring new fig cultivars.....and not into aquiring new fig information.  I fully understand why fig researchers like Ray Given, Pierre Baud, or any researcher at our Universities will NEVER post on any fig forum.  That is because fig researchers are too incompatible with those intolerant, sniping, cry baby fig collectors!!

I know what I know about fig culture from my own personal research. My reports on this Cajun Fig Blog are for my own personal documentation and edification. I make no money doing this and normally do not sell fig cuttings or starts.  I choose to share ONLY what I want to share and make public at this time. Some of my work is secret and will remain so until such time as I choose to reveal it.  My Cajun Fig Blog posts are not subject to debate like in a fig forum discussion format. If you want to debate a fig culture issue go do that on the fig forums.......

In the interest of fig cultivation, I currently make my Cajun Fig Blog public for all interested parties to see as I desire to teach others a bit more about fig culture.  I stand 100% behind everything that I write.  I  have no intention of arguing ever again with any ignorant fig collector who often suffers from fig fever. Those who cannot handle the truth in all things that I write can go get their fig information elsewhere. You certainly do me no favor in reading what I write. On the contrary I do you a BIG favor in letting you read and learn more information about fig culture. You will be hard pressed to find anywhere the quality, qunatity, type,  and uniqueness of  the fig related information that I freely make available to all others on the Cajun Fig Blog. By the click of one button....I can make all of the information publicly posted on this fig blog simply go away. My only purpose for not doing so is to TEACH  (not debate) others about fig culture in the deep South.  Again......those of you who don't like how I choose to administer my own personal Cajun Fig Blog or get offended by what I write......you certainly can go elsewhere to get your fig related information from those biased fig collectors.  You can choose not to read what I write.

Why I am so pissed at Jon Verdic and the rest of the fig forum Mafia.

No it is not because Jon Verdic has sold me fig trees which were heavily infested with root knot nematodes (RKN). Neither is it because Jon Verdic has no problem in selling both fig trees and fig cuttings which he knows has FMV.  It is something else about those guys which really pisses me off.  Some people with understand this....others will not and could care less.  To me it is very important.

I've EARNED my right to free speech.  Let me repeat that again, as this point is VERY important to me. I ( Dan semper fi-cus) have EARNED my right to speak freely and that includes what I write.  Most Americans were GIVEN their right to free speech by others who have sacrificed and served our country in the military.  Many have given their lives so that we all can have free speech in America. Yet some "hippie" dude like Jon Verdict and a few more assholes (many who are first/second generation immigrants to America like Gorgi, Martin, Maggie, Navid, etc.) on fgs4fun & Garden Web fig forums tried to silence me.  They did not want me on their fig forum and wanted to silence me.  One asshole who has a middle eastern accent even threatened my life in a phone call he made to me. There is a post on this fig Blog documenting when that event occurred.  I know who he is and will be immediatly arrested should he ever come near my property.  Imagine that, draft dodgers and immigrants wanting to silence other Americans because of THEIR own extreme bias and predjudices!!

They want to take away my right of free speech.  And silence me forever for what?  My having very strong viewpoints?  My discussing fig culture in the deep South?  For me disagreeing with their preconceived and often prejudiced views?  For me standing up to their intolerance and utter non sense? For me exposing Al (tapla) for his nutrient ratio fertilizer non-sense and his intolerance towards others?   For me exposing Al (tapla) for not understanding the sciences affecting fig culture?  Well give me a figging break.....nothing gives these assholes the right to silence ANYONE who has a differing point of view.

But as sure a heck you can bet this.  No fig forum mafia member will ever silence me. None have the balls that I do. Not even a hundred of them using their mafia styled "gang tactics" will silence me.   The very existence of this rather new Cajun Fig Blog is proof positive of that fact.

Now to the new alternative format.......and the more pleasant news!!

"Bountiful Figs"  is under development with an intention to become an alternative fig forum for the discussion of fig culture.  One where its members can discuss their view point in peace from those mafia jerks.  One where the Forum Administrator will be fair and balanced. Go visit this new forum if you too are fed up with the continued nonsense and drama of the figs4fun forum.  Enough is enough with their nonsense. Some offended forum members have already made the move.  Maybe you should too. You just might find a better home there.

Here is that link again to "Bountiful Figs".    http://foodplace.info/Bountiful_Figs/

I wholeheartedly support the efforts of these people who are trying to form a new fig forum alternative site. I wish them all the very best.  However, I have absolutely no desire to ever again argue with any intolerant fig collector and have no plans to post on any fig forum. 

I will not allow my fig writings to ever again be used as a target.  To be sniped at and ridiculed by some babbling collector who knows nothing about the significance and meaning of some bonafied research findings.  To be called a liar and a fraud by these idiots really pisses me off....especially when a forum administrator will not let me defend myself.  They snipe, ridicule, and attempt to defame my character because I do not give them free cuttings, starts, or certain private information.   

I do share a lot of good info regarding fig culture. However, some really neat stuff will be kept secret and private for now. Much of my fig related research information will continue to be documented and shared only on this very Cajun Fig Blog. I will never again allow any of my posts to be subject to "selective editing"  by any biased forum administrator like Jon Verdic.  To that end do not be surprised if one day you find that Dan Semper Fi-cus has started yet another Cajun fig Forum. A new forum that would be adminstered by me and in combination with my fig Blog. A new fig forum that would actually respect every one's freedom of speech with NONE, zero, Nada censorship of any sort allowed!! 


Here's some background information for those of you who do not know this........

I was once a very active member of both the Garden Web fig forum and the figs4 fun fig forum. Did I say I was VERY active.....yes I did say I was very active.  And I do mean I was very active and always stood my ground against some babbling idiots.  I posted tons of good stuff on those two fig forums. I deleted most of what I had written on the figs4fun forum the first time I left that forum in utter disgust of Gorgi's (George's) bad behavior.  A year after my leaving, I went back on figs4fun only to be attacked again and again by these same people. And I was booted by Jon Verdic for defending myself against those attacking me.  Those posts of mine that are still on the figs4fun forum represent only about 10% of all material that I had posted on that forum. At least 90% of some really good stuff of what I had written was deleted off of figs4fun when I left the first time.

I finally gave up trying to post on fig forums and started my own personal Cajun Fig Blog which you are now reading.  They laughed at me when I told them someday I will write a book on fig culture.  This blog itself is testament to the fact that I know a lot about figs......especially when you know that I choose NOT to publicly reveal all that I know. All of this happened because of the continued harassment of a few sick, jealous, and intolerant fig collectors.  Their fig forum had no place for a researcher like me.

I've named some of these people in other post on this fig Blog. Google "Fig Forum Mafia Dan" and you can read the names and antics of some of those jerks.  Jon Verdic protected those jerks and is the only reason why that type of harassment continues to this very day. Let me make this perfectly clear......Jon Verdic is extremely biased.  And he "selectively edits" what some forum members have written in the threads and posts.  He will edits posts written into figs4fun threads in such a way as to make some fig forum mafia members look good and make others look bad.

For those few who do not know........Jon Verdic is the owner of the fig4fun fig forum and he is its only administrator.  His user name on both the Garden Web fig forum and on the figs4 fun fig forum  is Pitangadiego.  Jon Verdic operates an online nursery in San Diego California.  And he owns and operates the Encanto Farms Nursery in San Diego. I give you this information so you will know exactly who I am writing about.

Google "Jon Verdic figs Dan" and you can read more of what I have written about him. Jon Verdic is a proven super deluxe ASSHOLE.  That is why people are leaving his fig forum and his fig foundation. He has no problem with covering up the misbehaviors of those fig forum mafia jerks and he has chosen to not halt their continued bad behavior. 

Need proof positive?  Open your eyes people and you too will see. Look how some more people have now  decided to leave his Fig Foundation.  Many like me are moving away from his EXTREMELY biased fig4for fun forum. 

Way to go Jon!!!!!   .......you figging ASSHOLE!  You need to stop smoking those banana leaves dude.

Assholes like Jon Verdic deserve nothing but the middle finger salute ....up personal and in their face.  Here's that special salute that I reserve only for assholes like Jon Verdic who want to silence me. 

Dan's special salute to Jon Verdic

Why would anyone give their their support to Jon Verdic's Fig Foundation is beyond me.  But it is your right to do so and I will always respect YOUR rights.

Semper Fi-cus

Friday, September 5, 2014

That wonderful tasting SMITH fig.........

For years I have reported on both of the fig forums and on this Cajun Fig Blog about the excellent taste of the Louisiana heirloom "Croation" fig known locally as Smith.  No one knows more about the growing and fruiting characteristics of the Smith fig than I do......no one.  And that includes all of the fig forum people and local fig experts in Louisiana.

A few years ago I predicted that one day many others will be raving about  the great taste of the Smith fig........ and its excellent growing characteristics especially for growers in the deep South.. Well, this morning I noticed some pageview reader traffic coming to read my fig Blog. Apparently there are a couple of threads on fig4fun that discuss the Smith fig. Readers are following links posted in those threads that lead to my fig Blog.  And many Google searches are linking to my fig blog to find more about what I have written about this cultivar.

 As I predicted, others too are raving about its great taste!!  I told you guys years ago to get yourself a Smith fig.  This fig was almost forever lost due to its very low demand (especially in Louisiana) just a few years ago......that is until I started writing about it on the Internet. Now the Smith fig will never be lost!!!!   I am happy to have played a part in saving this wonderful fig from extinction.

FYI, Smith does not produce any breba figs. It can produce two crops of main crop figs per season in a zone 9 climate. It is cold hardy if you remove all of the late season figs which have little chance of ripening in a more northern climate. It is super bug resistant and it is rain toleratnt.......that is because of the solid (not liquid) honey that it always produces.  Its color depends on the level of sunlight that hits the ripening fig. It is medium sized ugly fig with a superior taste.  And yes Gorgi boy, I said SUPERIOR taste. I know that used to tick you off when I used that word......

 And YES folks, indeed Smith is often times an ugly fig (depends on sunlight level) but it is often to die for good......and I know my figs!!

While Smith is excellent tasting, my Persian heirloom fig discovery known as Black Beauty 10 is handsdown a better tasting fig.  That fig is knock your socks off good!!!  BB10 is an absolutely beautiful fig and IMO, the standard for what a beautiful fig looks like. 

I'll post pictures later. In the meantime you can use the search box locasted on the right side of this page to search for what I have written about both of these figs.......both on the Internet and on this Cajun fig Blog.

Next year I will report more on my new "Persian Yellow" fig discovery. I've not yet written about it although I have been growing it for a couple of years. If you routinely read my blog posts you know that I now have a lust for Persian Figs.  I love the intense taste of my Persian figs.  Persian Yellow #1 too is an ugly fig but boy is it good.  

IMO, Persian figs just taste mo better than European figs because of their different gene pool and genetics.  Political and religous boundaries have kept and still keep them from being widely distributed.  FYI, most of the figs in the US are of European origin. We need more Persian figs to add to our European favorites. As a dedicated fig hunter, I am hot on the heels of a couple more Persian figs and Croatian figs. I now have three Persian fig cultivars in my collection. Will I find any more?  Time will tell.........

So...............I am ready to predict that one day in the not too distant future you will see many others raving about the excellent tastes of the "Persian" figs just like they are now beginning to rave about the "Croation" Louisiana heirloom fig known simply as Smith. What an understated name for a top performing and excellent tasting fig.


Smith figs and FMV

And no, Smith fig trees coming from Louisiana sources do not have FMV (yet).  And as I've stated many times before, FMV DOES indeed matter contrary to what those people on the fig forums WANT to believe.  Google "FMV  Dan Semper" and you will find all of what I have written about the bad affects of FMV on your fig trees.  FMV tree mites from California sources can make it into your fig orchard and spread that disease to your healthy trees. And yes indeed those FVM spreading tree mites can live during the winter on your plants if you grow your fig trees in "containers".  Do not let those fig forum people tell you otherwise. Avoid buying any plant material from California when there are other preferable sources!!

Semper Fi-cus