Saturday, January 10, 2015

The new 2015 fig season

The new fig season for 2015 is off to a bad start in my yard.  A month and a half ago we had an Arctic Blast come through our area. This caused all of my fig trees to go dormant. Following that cold spell, it warmed up significantly in our area for several weeks. It warmed to the point where many of my fig trees underwent bud break. This week  another Arctic Blast came through my area following that early bud break of my fig trees. This WILL cause severe damage to most of my fig trees.  And I fully expect many will be completely top killed again this year as they were last year. I expect that some might get completely killed by those events.

The good side of these two taxing events........I will get a much better handle on those particular fig cultivars which are better suited for growing in my area.

Semper Fi-cus

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Announcing my new Global Warming Blog

Man caused global warming is utter nonsense and I CAN PROVE IT to any thinking person. My intent is to prove that the  "Man causes Global Warming  Theory" to be nonsense by using plain old common sense mixed in with a little bit of non complicated science. I am fed up with the lies, myths, and nonsense that is coming from our Politicians who want to blame mankind for what is nothing more than a normal cyclical climatic event that is driven by natural planetary evolution, chemical, and biological processes. 

Time to bring Real Science & reason to the table and stop this huge power grab by our Politicians who are using Global Warming as an excuse to Tax and regulate us even more......

To that end, I've started a new Blog called  "Global Warming....Lies, Myths, and Truth:" Here is a link to my new Blog on Global Warming. You will have to copy and paste it into your browser.

It will take me months to fully develop all of the arguments that I will use to prove to ANYONE that Global Warming is not caused by any of man's activities. In fact, it is impossible for man's carbon dioxide footprint to be the root cause of any Global warming. Forces much greater than those of puny little ole man are driving this process.....not the burning of fossil fuels. Accordingly, I will be introducing a brand new theory called The Unified Theory on Climate Change.  My brand new science based theory will explain both global warming and global cooling events and explain just why mankind CANNOT be the root cause of the present global warming event. And I will offer some common sense PROOF to support this new theory.

You my readers can watch as this happens right before your very eyes while I take a timeout from my Cajun fig Blog. I expect to have more time to devote to my other Global Warming Blog after the holidays.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year's!!!!


I will not be selling any fig cuttings this Fall......maybe in the Spring for a Charity (Children's International).

Also, it is highly likely that I will start a brand new Forum next year which will cover many topics of interest (including figs).  However, my new Forum will be different as it will respect everyone's right to free speech!!!  No one will be silenced......

Semper Fi-cus

Monday, November 3, 2014

Fig Fever is bad for you......

Years ago when I first developed an interest in fig culture, I met an old man here in South Louisiana who had put together a collection of 50+ different varieties of figs.  He built his fig collection up over the course of his entire lifetime.  What really impressed me besides his knowledge was his ability to put together such a collection without the use of the internet, computers, emails, fig forums,  or Google searches. When I first met him.... his health was already failing and his collection was in complete disarray and would not let me see it. We just talked about it. I did eventually gain his trust and met with him on several occasions before he passed away. None of his family members had an appreciation for his collection.

Today as I was writing some things into another post on this fig blog, I thought about this old man. One of the things that he told me during one of our conversations was to "never trust a fig collector".  I had no figgin idea what the heck he was talking about back then. All I knew was that he had a distrust for fig collectors and would not let me see his trees for about a year. 

Here it is years later and I now know exactly what he was talking about.  I learned that lesson well through my past involvement on the fig forums dealing with those fig collectors. Below is what I think he was trying to tell me........

"Fig collectors are not normal people as they are usually afflicted with bad cases of Fig Fever which severely affects their behavior, brains, common sense, and sense of decency.  They will stab you in the back if you do not give them what they want."

As  a fig Researcher, I now know that I am completely incompatible with most fig Collectors. I am interested in developing and discussing fig related information with others of a similar mind set. Researches are interested in developing/sharing  new knowledge about fig culture.  Collectors, on the other hand, are just interested in getting more varieties into their own personal collections by any means necessary....lie, cheat, steal, defame, break the law, and stab others in the back.


RIP Mr. Fig........I now fully understand what you meant. Thank you for sharing your insights with me and a few fig cultivars from your "private collection".  I kept my word and did not reveal your name to anyone. Your cultivars did not have FMV and I wish I could tell you today how important that was/is to fig culture. I wish I could tell you.....that I too do not allow any "fig collector into my yard"!!  Well let's just say I only allow a couple of people to visit my orchard.,.....those few who have earned my trust like I did yours.

Semper Fi

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Bridge City Black.....a new fig discovery

About 6 to 8 weeks ago while on a fig hunting expedition in South Louisiana, I found a fig tree growing in an old ethnic neighborhood in the New Orleans area.  At that time, this fig tree had two almost dried first crop figs on the tree.  I did not recognize this particular fig variety. They definitely were not a Celeste or Brown Turkey fig ....both of which are very common in my area. These figs were very dark in color, the pulp was purple in color, and they had a wine flavor to them.  Those two figs immediately told me that this tree was worth further study.  The tree was also loaded with newly formed second crop figs.  So, I made a mental note to go back to visit this tree when the figs would be ripening.  Well today I went back to visit this unknown fig tree and below are some pictures of what I found and a few notes I've made on its growing/fruiting characteristics.

The tree was full of ripe second main crop figs.  This fig has a deep purple color to it.  The almost dried ones were nearly jet black in color.  Boy were they good!!! The eye is tightly closed on this fig. They hang onto the tree real well and do not appear to drop. IMO, these figs would completely dry like a raisin and hang onto the tree in a dry climate. The skin quality is such that the skin shrinks and does not crack as the fig dries.....which is an excellent characteristic of this fig.  As it is, the dried ones that I ate from this tree were dried as much as can be had for any fig drying on the tree in my humid climate.

The pulp is amber in color and the meat is stained a deep purple in areas contacting the skin. Note and BIG HINT: meat staining is always a sign of a good tasting fig irregardless of the color of the fig.  Remember this big hint when you are evaluating potential fig cultivars for their TASTE level. The more intense the meat staining.....the more intense will be the fig's flavor. And this is true irregardless of the color of the fig.  Don't pass up white figs which color stain their meat.  Note: the meat is the part of the fig that lies between the outer skin of the fig and its interior pulp.

LEARN LEARN LEARN the above type of unique fig culture information that I freely give to you. You will not find this type of fig information on the fig forums until after those fig collectors have read it here. And of course once those fig forum collectors start discussing this fruiting characteristic they will not give me credit for revealing such pertinent information about fig culture in the first place. Those fig collectors are only interested in obtaining free fig cuttings and are not interested in this type of information. See the first comment written below and you will see what I mean. They could care less that I give them free and pertinent information about fig culture.

The skin itself has a good flavor. The interior pulp has a juicy texture with a melon like flavor which reminds me of my Robin's Sicilian Black cultivar and my Black Triana (aka Quantico fig and aka St. Jerome figs).  However, Bridge City Black is smaller in size and definitely more rain tolerant and split resistant than those other named varieties. IMO, the taste and flavor profile of this fig is very similar to that of LSU Purple strain #1.

The Bridge City black figs I ate were very sweet. There were no signs of any fig cracking, splitting or souring no bugs.  This mother tree has no signs of FMV (as is expected and as is normal for 99+% of  the fig trees growing here in Louisiana). This particular fig is definitely a perfect variety for growing in my hot, humid, zone 9 climate.

Without a doubt,  this Bridge City Black will become a top performing fig in my yard. The late season figs from this new variety are expected to extend my fig season by another 4 weeks after regular Celeste has finished fruiting. It will be real nice to have such a productive fig variety bearing great tasting figs this late into the fall. I already have given this fig a 10 rating for its overall taste, superior rain tolerance, and excellent productivity.

I am very happy to have discovered this new fig.  It has already proven to my satisfaction that it is a real winner variety no matter what its true name turns out to be.  Next year I intend to return to the mother tree often and document its entire growing season.  Perhaps then someone will help me identify this unknown variety.

Forgive the poor quality of these pictures. These were taken very quickly using my cell phone because two bull dogs were yapping at me all the while.

Bridge City Black fig

Bridge City Black fig

Bridge City Black fig

Bridge City Black fig

Bridge City Black fig

Bridge City Black fig

Bridge City Black fig

Bridge City Black fig